M&K Junction Railroad

M&K Junction Railroad
Another train of eastbound coal crosses the Cheat River

Friday, April 17, 2015

From Russia With Love?

A curious thing has been happening on this blog over the last few weeks. Pageviews from Russia have been increasing.  They had been creeping up for several weeks, but in the last couple of weeks, pageviews from Russia have been far and away #1.  In fact on all of the days of this week pageviews from Russia have exceeded, or have been within a very few views of exceeding, all of the pageviews from the rest of the world combined!
What’s up with that?  I am flattered that I have been discovered in Russia.  Or has my blog been listed on a prominent Russian model railroading website?  I don’t think so because there are no referring URLs from Russia.  What is the state of model railroading in Russia?  I believe that at one time I read that the old Soviet Union made an electric train set in “O” gauge (probably 7mm/foot, 1/43).  What model trains are manufactured in Russia today?  How prevalent is model railroading in Russia?  Maybe one of the Russian readers can comment on these questions.

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