M&K Junction Railroad

M&K Junction Railroad
Another train of eastbound coal crosses the Cheat River

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Hole In The Wall

Well, not in the wall precisely, but in the backdrop. For some time I've known that the second turn of the helix would have to pass through the backdrop on the Cheat River Grade. I've been putting off the job of cutting the hole, but it can be put off no longer.

One reason for dreading this task is it will intrude on what is a nice alcove at the end of the Cheat River Grade. I will be able to camouflage it, and do so in a way that is true to the prototype entrance to the Kingwood Tunnel. The other reason for putting this off was the actual job of how to measure and cut the opening.

The helix sub roadbed has been built to a point just short of the backside of the backdrop for some time while I figured out a way to accurately measure where it will penetrate the backdrop. I solved this problem by clamping a laser pointer to the sub-roadbed and marking the backdrop where the pointer indicated. From that datum, I measured out the dimensions on the opening. This worked well and I only had to widen the opening by about an inch to make everything fit and align.

Here's what the opening looked like just after cutting.

This is the backside of the backdrop and the hole opens into the alcove at the top of the Cheat River Grade. The next shot shows the hole from inside the alcove.

That's the end on the Cheat River Grade in the lower foreground; one track (of two) is laid and enters the helix to the right.

Here's the sub-roadbed being extended through the backside of the backdrop.

And from inside the alcove:

From this angle you can see how the track enters the helix at the bottom; the second turn of the helix is, of course, penetrating the backdrop. You can also see how the track snakes between the lolly column (the red column), and various parts of the support for the basement stairs. A lot of track is squeezed in here on two levels.

Speaking of the helix, here's one track entering the helix.

Here's that same track as it begins to wind it's way up the first level of the helix (the second level is yet to be constructed at this point).

More helix to build and a lot of track to lay before the 28th of April.

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