M&K Junction Railroad

M&K Junction Railroad
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Fast Tracks Tips and Techniques

A few months ago I purchased a full set of the Fast Tracks turnout construction fixtures. The point/frog forming tool, the stock rail forming tool and the turnout fixture itself for a #6 switch. The videos on the Fast Tracks website provide a good overview on how to use each of these tools and I watched them before buying.

However, the O Scale fixtures are a little different then the ones for the other scales, and are not covered by Fast Track's videos. In addition I developed some techniques for using Fast Tracks that may be helpful. So I made this video to demonstrate all that I learned.

One more tip that came up after I finished the video. I installed a bunch of these turnouts in a yard ladder and as part of the installation I checked for shorts. While I did not find any dead shorts, I found some leakage between the left and right rails. This drove me nuts for a while until I isolated it to melted flux bridging the gaps in the PC board ties. Since the Oatley flux is a tinning flux, it's mildly conductive. So if you use the Oatley tinning flux, be sure to clean it out of all of the gaps (or use less flux than I did). I found that "Goo Gone" is a good cleaner to use for this purpose.

This is the first video that I've posted that is compatible with the iPhone & i Pad. If you have trouble loading or playing this video, please leave a comment outlining your problems so that I can correct them. Like this video? Leave a comment. Don't care for videos? Leave a comment. Like videos compatible with mobile devices? Let me know; if there is enough interest I can go back and change other videos.


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