M&K Junction Railroad

M&K Junction Railroad
Another train of eastbound coal crosses the Cheat River

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To The West!

Now was the time to build to the west (by the B&O timetable) out of M&K Junction, through the town of Rowlesburg, WV and up the Cheat River grade. This section of the basement is in front of the water heater and well tank; the lower left hand side of the track plan (see Jul. 24, 2009 posting). It will also pass by my workbench.

Here's what it looks like leaving the Cheat River Bridge - what a lot of clutter!

More benchwork sections had to be built as can be seen here:

First is the view towards the water heater and next is the view towards the workbench:

The section beside the water heater will be filled in as well to support either a coal prep plant or the Alpha Portland Cement plant that is across the Cheat River in Manheim, WV on the M&K sub of the B&O. These sections of benchwork can be seen next to the water heater in this photo:

These sections are designed to be removed in the eventuality of the water heater needing replacement, therefore they have no main track on them. If the water heater goes these sections will be removed, the water heater can then be tilted over and laid down to the floor and rolled out from under the main benchwork.

This last photo shows the subroadbed cut to match the curve of the track in this location. Ordinarily I would cut a similar curve in the outer edge of the subroadbed, but this location will have the town of Rowlesburg, WV on it so I have left it square.

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